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jungleSTEM offers a simple monthly subscription for a NO MONEY UPFRONT Website-as-a-Service.  We can build anything from your basic small business web presence, e-commerce sites, to an enterprise site with custom development and integrations.

Custom mobile applications will put you in the driver's seat of your business operations.  Whether browser-based web applications or smartphone mobile apps, jungleSTEM can develop a solution to meet your needs.  We can even extend the life of your legacy applications, converting your source code into a portable  cross-platform container.  The software can then run in a browser or on non-native CPU architectures and operating systems.



We use our STEMcell technology stack to create complex command and control systems using off-the-shelf components.  This helps keep project costs to a minimum.  If needed, jungleSTEM will engineer a custom sensor solution for you.  We can leverage existing wireless radio boards or develop a one-off device using the free and open-source GnuRadio SDR development toolkit.  For example, check out our PRISM™ ILS/DME Remote Status Monitor.


jungleSTEM develops custom information dashboards to measure, monitor, and manage your operations.  We will consult with you to design a data pipeline to support your project requirements.  Existing information can be used in novel ways to increase the impact and reach of your application data.

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